SEO Checklist Google Spreadsheet

SEO Checklist
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(350 step-by-step checkpoints for your Website, Online Store, with 100s of real examples)

Hey, I'm Sebastian 👋 I have been an in-house and agency SEO and later CMO of high-growth companies over the past 15 years. I have building out the SEO Checklist throughout the years in order to manage the ever growing complexity of SEO. The checklist ist built, so it works for all sizes of companies, agencies or smaller projects.

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If you want to reduce you customer acquisition costs and earn big bucks, you need to be organized and schedule everything in advance.

Missing just 1 SEO technique can cost you thousands of $$.

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Here's a sneak peek of what's waiting for you inside:

📨 350+ SEO techniques, that make you the most money over the next 12 months

💄 50+ technical tricks to prepare your website to receive some love from Google and be ahead of your competition

🔍 100s of SEO tricks (with examples!) to squeeze every last drop of cash from organic traffic

🔥50+ ways to create keyword lists from free and paid tools, scraping...

🛡 How to craft quality Content without cutting into your profit margins too much

🎯 Free add-on Website Migration plan with over 50 checkpoints if you ever need to move your site.

All of the 350+ checkpoints are prioritized, so you know exactly what to focus on. There are also more than 100+ examples of well integrated SEO techniques for you to review.

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SEO Checklist Google Spreadsheet

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